Rang FAQs

1. What does Rang stand for?   

Recognized Accomplishments Never Go 

2. What does your logo stand for (or what the heck is it) !? 

The logo is a boomerang (we get that question a lot) and the boomerang symbolizes is karma. Just like a boomerang, what goes around comes back around.

3. Are all your products LIMITED releases?

Definitely ! The reason for this is to allow room for growth and progression. Also to give the supporters an exclusive garment that they can feel special about.

4. What is the "Boomerang Bounce" ?

It is our yearly pop-up event that we organize to be able to bring the our community together. Oh, Yea... and we release our latest collection during this event. 

5. How will I know about the next Boomerang Bounce? Do I need a ticket/invitation ?

That one is easy! Just follow us on IG: Rangclub_                                                

And admission is complimentary! Just be prepared to have a great time.